Info Tech Quiz Results

The average mark of the class was 52.31%.

The best done questions were about the program we used to make games and the question about online/offline presentation tools, which everyone thus far got right (100%).

The worst done question was about the keyboard shortcut, which only one person got right (7.69%).


Reflections: Investing in Stocks

Trading Rules

    • Started with $10,000 of virtual cash.
    • Paid $5.00 commission per buy-sell transaction.
    • Allowed to buy stocks only from NYSE, NASDAQ, or TSX (Canada).
    • Invested from Nov. 22, 2012 to Jan 26, 2012.

Names of Stocks

    • Answer the following in point form:
      • Which ones did you buy? When did you buy?
      • Which ones did you sell? When did you sell?
    • You can find this information when you click on your Trading History from link above.

I bought stocks from the following companies:
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters @ 11/28/12
Microsoft @ 11/28/12
Electronic Arts @ 11/28/12
Logitech @ 11/28/12
Facebook @ 12/07/12
Pandora Media @ 12/07/12
Walter Energy @ 12/07/12
Coca-Cola @ 12/07/12

I sold the following stocks:
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters @ 12/05/12
Microsoft @ 12/04/12
Electronic Arts @ 12/04/12
Logitech @ 12/04/12
Facebook @ 12/13/12
Pandora Media @ 12/18/12
Walter Energy @ 12/12/12
Coca-Cola @ 12/13/12
By the end of 12/18/12, all of my stocks were sold.


Answer the following in a paragraph:

  • What was your general strategy: short-term or long-term?
    • active trading = short-term trading
    • passive trading = long-term trading
  • Why did you pick those stocks?
    • technical (graphs) vs. fundamental (news) vs. darts (random)
  • Why did you sell those stocks?
    • Sold because you gained enough.
    • Sold because you lost too much and did not want to lose more.

My general strategy was short-term trading and buying low or mid priced stocks. I picked most of my stocks based off of their graphs, not by price. I looked for the hills, so when the hill was low. I sold most of the stocks when I saw that the hill was at its peak in my definition. I sold some of them because they lost me some money.


Answer the following in a short paragraph:

  • How much money did you end up with?
  • How much money did you earn/lose in percent? (e.g. +8%)
  • How did this compare to the S&P500 (average) index?

In the end, I had $10,985.14. I gained 9.9% compared to my start. Compared to the average, I had almost a 2% difference.

Answer the following in a short paragraph:

  • What did you learn?
  • How do you feel with the results? Happy? Satisfied? Disappointed? Indifferent? 
  • Did your strategy work? What would you do the same or different?
  • Would you have approached this differently if you used real money? If so, how so? If not, why not?

I learned that by reading the graphs and knowing the hills, I can find out when is the best time to buy the stocks. This works long term and short term, but in my case, I used it for short term trading. Overall, I am satisfied with my results, especially since by the 18th of December, I was running on interest, not on stocks. I could have probably done better but I chose to stop investing altogether at that point of time, since I didn’t need to take any more risks. With that in mind, I think my strategy works very well. If I were to do anything different, then it would be investing on even more stocks. That way, if I lose money on a particular stock, I may be able to gain money because the rest of my stocks were money positive.. If I used real money, I would probably keep using this strategy. I would probably listen to what others say, but for the most part, I would look for the hills and invest on those stocks.

Digital Storytelling

For this story, I used Kerpoof ( ) to make the story and SlideRocket ( ) to present it. I used kerpoof because the backgrounds and characters provided varied enough so that I had enough materials to use for my story. I used SlideRocket because it allows you to see the story online without downloading it first. It also has many transition tools that I could choose to enrich my story.